5 Sweet Ways to Treat your Valentine

5 Sweet Ways to Treat Your Valentine.

Let’s face it, half of the fun of Valentine’s Day is the anticipation of it all. Sure, flowers and a sweet card will always be welcome on Valentines Day, but if you are looking for something a little less predictable, we’ve got some great Valentine Gift Basket ideas for you.

Valentines Treasure Fruit BasketOur Valentine Treasures Fruit Basket will be a hit with your sweetheart. Overflowing with fresh fruit including our creamy Comice pears, decadent chocolates, like our handcrafted dark chocolate black forest cherry bark (a flavor combination that is a match made in heaven), foil wrapped chocolate hearts and dark chocolate covered almonds, plus gourmet sweets including a large “Be Mine” sugar cookie, and a mix of traditional Valentine candies. This sweet fruit basket has plenty to share and enjoy. It will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face!  ($47.95 plus $7.95 shipping).


Love BerriesIf you are looking for something a little more romantic, a Dozen Love Berries, our best selling chocolate covered strawberries, are a great way to say “I love you”. Everyone knows that chocolate dipped strawberries are a favorite for Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got the best around! They’re hand-dipped in premium dark chocolate, rich milk chocolate, and creamy pink, white chocolate and decorated with extra TLC. We pack them in an attractive gift box and ship with ice packs the same day they are dipped. They ship in one day and arrive in great shape, ready to make their day! ($39.95 plus $9.95 shipping).


Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift TowerFor an extra decadent gift idea for your sweetheart or anyone for that matter, treat them to our Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift Tower. Send all of their favorite chocolate treats together in attractive gift boxes tied together with a red ribbon! Its pure bliss with all hand-made and hand-dipped chocolates crafted in our own chocolate kitchens. Our fresh pecan clusters are filled with caramel and coated in rich milk chocolate. They’ll melt in your mouth – guaranteed. There’s plenty enough chocolate treats to be shared, like our to-die-for dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn and yummy chocolate pretzels. Chocolate lovers will rejoice over our chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate Grahams and our famous dark chocolate almond bark loaded with plenty of fresh almonds. This tower is sure to win the heart of your Valentine! ($42.95 plus $7.95 shipping).

Dried Fruit on Heart Bamboo Serving TrayDoes your Valentine prefer healthier treats? Not to worry, we can do that too! Our Dried Fruit and Chocolate on Heart Bamboo Serving Tray will dazzle your Valentine’s taste buds! They will enjoy an artful arrangement of wholesome fresh, dried fruit topped with three milk chocolate foil wrapped hearts for a special treat in a beautifully crafted keepsake bamboo heart-shaped serving tray that doubles as a cutting board. An excellent way to say Happy Valentine’s Day! ($32.95 plus $7.95 shipping).



Chocolate Galore Monthly ClubLast but certainly not least, you can make Valentine’s Day memorable with our Monthly Chocolate Galore Club deliveries featuring decadent chocolates made in our own chocolate kitchens. February features a dozen of our hand-dipped Dark, Milk and White chocolate covered strawberries. Other monthly features include assorted chocolate covered pretzels paired with caramel-coated chocolate covered pretzel rods, assorted barks, pecan clusters, chocolate caramel dipped apples and so much more. Chocolate clubs can be ordered for 2 months and all the way to 12 months. With your choice of any combination of delivery months (3 consecutive months, every other month or whatever you’d like), all shipped with free shipping, the sky is the limit! This gift can remind your Valentine of your love all year long! See full selection here (Starts at $79.00 – 2 months).

Would you like to see more ways to make his or her day? See all our Valentines Day offerings.

All of our gifts come with a gift card that includes your personal message and our guarantee that your Valentine will be totally satisfied! Here at A Gift Inside, we delight in sending unforgettable gift experiences, and we are so excited to help you make this Valentine’s Day extraordinary!

Thank Your Holiday Season Host with Something Delicious

Thank Your Holiday Season Host with Something Delicious

Are going to be a guest at someone’s home this holiday season? As you are picking up presents for your family and friends, don’t forget your caring host. At A Gift Inside we have many hostess gifts that will acknowledge their effort in hosting dinner or party, ensuring you’ll get a standing invitation year after year. Here are some of our top gifts for thanking your holiday host.

Our Dried Fruit and Butter Toffee Pecans in a Pear Shape Bamboo Cutting Board is two gifts in one! A lovely arrangement of dried fruit including plenty of pears, Montmorency cherries, apricots and more with butter toffee pecans, presented in a beautiful pear-shaped bamboo cutting board. Its a perfect mix of healthy with a touch of sweet for the holidays!

If you are looking to bring something nuttier? We’ve got you covered with this large tray. Our 3 Lb Nuts Extravaganza Gift in Wooden Tray has plenty to please a crowd of nut lovers. This tray is filled with generous portions of nine different nuts and is presented in a ready to serve arrangement.

Want more variety of fresh fruit? Check out our Bountiful Gourmet Artisan Fruit Basket. This basket could literally be the appetizers! Brimming with fresh fruit and gourmet delights. There’s plenty to share with orchard favorite Comice and red pears, mandarins, Granny Smith and Braeburn apples, assorted dried fruit, Vella Romanello cheese, mild gouda cheese, salt chocolate caramel pecan clusters, Anette’s triple nut bourbon brittle, dark chocolate sea salt caramel corn, olive oil & sel gris flatbread crackers, pecan cookies, maple BBQ jerky, artichoke cheese dip, wild smoked salmon and a bamboo cutting board, all are presented in a reusable basket with handles. Your host will be delighted with all the tasty treats this basket has to offer!

Lastly, if your host has a sweet tooth, please, look no further! We have so much chocolate! Holiday Deluxe Handmade Chocolate Collection in Gift Tin is a chocolate lovers dream! Our handmade chocolate treats are sure to please! Variety includes an assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolate-covered goodies that your host and guest will remember long after its gone.

So if you are looking for dried fruit, nuts, gift baskets or chocolate, we have everything you could possibly need.

Be the hero of all your holiday gatherings and say thank you with a delicious gift from A Gift Inside!

Enjoying the Fruit of our Labor – Our Pear Harvest is Here

Pears at A Gift Inside

It’s no secret that we love pears here at A Gift Inside! Growing and nurturing this sweet, juicy and mouthwatering fruit is where it all began for us. Now we are enjoying the fruit of our labor — our pear harvest is underway! We have been growing our own pears for over 6 generations and are excited to be able to share them with you in our fruit gifts. Our prized crop is one of the elements that make our A Gift Inside fruit gifts extra special. Watch for these pear varietals throughout our fruit baskets, gift boxes, and monthly clubs selections.

The harvest season begins with the Bartlett pear, one of our most popular. Its sweet quintessential pear flavor is what makes it a highly sought after fruit and is best when eaten right out of your hand. Its featured in our fruit clubs and fall gift baskets.

Bartlett lovers will love our Rivermaid Red pears, which has a very similar taste to the Bartlett but in a lovely red, which will display a brighter and more vibrant tone as it ripens.

Golden Bosc makes its debut shortly afterward. This elegant fruit pairs perfectly with a strong cheese, dark chocolate and a glass of wine. These unique pears are perfect for eating out of hand or chopping into a salad, as well as for baking, poaching, and cooking.

Finishing the season is our late harvest dessert pears. These are perfect for the picking including our Taylor’s Gold and Comice.

Taylor’s Gold is a lovely and unique pear that has a russeted skin of a Bosc with the sweet, juicy, delicate flesh of its cousin, the Comice pear. They have an extraordinarily rich and sweet flavor. These versatile pears can be enjoyed sliced, added to salads or with a cheese and charcuterie plate.

Lastly, our beloved Comice Pears bring our harvest to an end. The Comice have a rich buttery flavor, so sweet you will want to save them for dessert! They are extremely delicate, so not often found in grocery stores. But we pack them with great care into our Autumn-through-Holiday season gift baskets for a special treat to not be missed. Napkins required!

Here at A Gift Inside we are passionate about pears, and value the importance of quality. As fruit growers, we will always ensure that you get superior fruit with the best flavor. If you are looking to make someone’s day with a special gift, you can’t go wrong with our fruit baskets featuring our own freshly harvested pears! They’re the “Pearfect” choice!

A Gift Inside Monthly Fruit Clubs
A Gift Inside – Monthly Clubs
Dessert Pears Ultimate Fruit Gift
Dessert Pears Ultimate Fruit Gift

December Monthly Clubs – Special for the Holidays

December Monthly Fruit Club
December Fruit Clubs feature seedless Satsuma Mandarins and Red and Green Comice Pears from our Orchards.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – especially for our Monthly Club members. We’ve designed our December Club Selections to be extra special for the holidays with some of our best options of the year.

Over the past year we have made some changes to our clubs and expanded our offerings. In October, we launched our Handmade Chocolate Galore Club, featuring our own handcrafted chocolate treats. We recently cycled through our first year of our Artisan Meat and Cheese Club with rave reviews. And ongoing club subscribers may have noticed we changed some of our monthly fruit options in our Fruit Clubs to offer more variety and to better align fruit in season with the months we ship for peak freshness. New additions include Red Comice Pears, Pomegranate, Avocado and Honey Crisp Apples. Continuing club members will be happy to know that we brought back the incredibly delicious Sumo Citrus (available in our February fruit club offerings).

December brings the most festive of our clubs selections. Read on for highlights of each Monthly Club’s December offerings and what find out why they’re perfect for the season.

December Fruit Clubs

December Fruit ClubsFor our Fruit Club recipients receiving our DeLite Fruit Club (for 1-2 people) and Premium Fruit Club (for 2 or more), December will bring easy-to-peel, seedless, super-sweet Satsuma Mandarins with Leaves and a combination of Red and Green Comice Pears from our orchards. We love the Red Comice. They’re a new to our clubs this year that have a similar flavor and texture to traditional green Comice, but with a lovely crimson tone to its skin. Comice varietals are extremely juicy, so napkins are definitely required. DeLite Club shoppers can choose between the Mandarins and Comice when customizing their club order, while Premium Club shoppers can also choose between the fruit offerings or can select a combination of the Mandarins with Comice for a lovely and complementary pairing.

December Fruit and Cheese ClubDecember offers Light Fruit and Cheese Club and Premium Fruit and Cheese Club members our sweet and juicy Comice Pears – a fruit that is recommended to enjoy with cheese. We’ve selected two of the perfect cheese pairings. Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, winner Best Cheese/Dairy Product at the 2011 Fancy Food Show in Washington DC is made by Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company on the beautiful Northern California coast. Beemster Aged Gouda is a signature Dutch cheese with a complex taste developed through natural aging for 18 months in historic cheese warehouses. It has a profound flavor, firm and bold, with a smooth, rich feel and has delicious little salty crystals throughout resulting from the aging process. Light Club shoppers choose one of the two cheeses to accompany the pears, while Premium Club recipients can choose one each of the cheeses or two pieces of the same.

December Organic Fruit and Snacks ClubDecember Organic Fruit Club with Snacks recipients will enjoy Organic Satsuma Mandarins. They’re very easy to peel due to their loose skin, seedless, sweet and delicious. Organic Club shoppers can customize each month to include just the fruit, or fruit with an organic snack. December’s snack is Organic Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles. These pair deliciously with the citrus and make for a very festive combination for the Holiday season.


December Meat and Cheese Club

December Meat and Cheese ClubMonthly Meat and Cheese Club recipients will especially love our December offerings of two cheeses and a gourmet salami. Here we offer another Point Reyes Cheese, which is an absolute favorite among our staff. Toma is a semi-hard cheese, which is creamy in texture with a buttery flavor and a grassy tang finish. It’s won numerous awards and deservingly so. This month’s selection also includes another staff favorite, the same Beemster Aged Gouda included and described above in our Fruit and Cheese Club. These amazing cheeses are paired with Olli Napoli Salame, which is smoked over apple wood giving it a complex, hearty flavor. Its mild taste makes it a great snack to pair with an assortment of wines, cheeses and beyond.

December Handmade Chocolate Club

December Handmade Monthly Chocolate ClubOur most decadent club, our new Handmade Chocolate Galore Club delivers traditional holiday favorites to lucky December recipients with our Layered Peppermint Bark made of thick layers of real dark chocolate that includes a touch of peppermint oil, with a layer of rich real white chocolate, then topped generously with bits of peppermint candies. Also included is our Milk Chocolate Covered Butter Almond Toffee coated with Almond Bits. Both treats are hand made by our chocolatiers. December recipients receive this month’s shipment in a red and white gift tin decorated with our signature Lancaster County, PA, theme design, celebrating the region where we make much of our CY Chocolates brand confections. Its vintage look features the signature covered bridges of the region.

As a reminder, our clubs are completely guaranteed every month. Our customer service staff is ready to help when you or your recipient needs assistance.

To our loyal club customers, thank you for your continued business. We’re sure your recipients will enjoy their December deliveries and every month after that.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries by CY Chocolates

It’s Valentines week and the wonderful smell of warm chocolate coming from our CY Chocolates kitchens permeates the air. We’ve been extra busy dipping thousands of strawberries to send to our customers’ valentines. They’re sure to be delighted when they open their gift boxes, and especially when they bite into our premium, real chocolate enrobing a fresh, sweet and juicy berry.

At A Gift Inside, we are passionate about chocolate, and obsessed with maintaining premium quality and flavor using only real, premium milk, dark and white chocolate. Sure, it would be a lot easier to use compound “chocolate” confection as many dipped strawberry retailers do. While compound confection simply needs melting before dipping, real chocolate (defined by its ingredients: the inclusion of chocolate liquor and use of cocoa butter instead of oil) requires a process called tempering, which involves raising the temperature to certain level, “seeding” it with more chocolate pieces, then reducing to a narrow range of temperature putting it “in temper.” It’s a specialty process but worth the effort for the resulting exceptional flavor, melt-in-your-mouth texture and beautiful, glossy finish.

cy-logoBefore we launched CY Chocolates (tag line: Confectionately Yours) we undertook a long process of trying many types of dark, milk and white chocolates; it was a dirty job, but someone had to do it!  With the help of numerous panels of blind tasters, we discovered chocolate formulations that taste as delicious on a berry as by itself.  Naturally, it must also taste delicious enrobing pretzels, chocolate cookies, caramel pecan turtles, and much more…not too sweet, not too bitter, just perfection on the palate!

We’re just as picky about our berries. As fruit growers and packers, we truly understand the importance of starting with a fresh, firm strawberry. We have the packing know how to ensure quality arrival to our customers.

We hand dip every berry, and then specially decorate for every occasion and holiday.


This year, we have made an exciting new addition to our Chocolate Strawberry offerings – Berry Bites!  We added additional sizes to our berry collections, so that consumers who desire a slightly smaller indulgence—and more of them— can enjoy these exquisite offerings.  Packaged in sets of nine and eighteen, because sometimes more is better than bigger!

Given the very perishable nature of strawberries, our customers know how important it is to shop with a company that cares about arrival.  We guarantee each delivery—and considering some of the wild weather experienced across the nation lately, it’s a good thing that we stand behind our product!  You’re always safe trusting us to make it right if something goes awry.

There’s only one downside to working in a place surrounded by the delicious smell of chocolate: it’s triggering a craving! I think I will head over to our berry packaging area and perform a “quality taste test.”  Ah, the sacrifices I make for our customers!

Enjoy your berries everyone!





Our loyal Golden State Fruit customers may have noticed that something has changed on our website recently. Our Golden State Fruit brand is now a “shop” on a larger site called “A Gift Inside”. Why the change? Because over time, we have grown to so much more than just fresh fruit gifts. Here’s the “inside story” of why we launched A Gift Inside.

After over 50 years of growing and packing our own pears and cherries, we created Golden State Fruit in 2009 to bring the handpicked fruit of our California orchards direct from our fruit packing house to doorsteps nationwide.  And thus began our delicious journey into the gourmet-gifting world. We have traveled many miles in search of the best pairings for our fruit. It was natural to develop some of these delicious sweets and savories into offerings without fruit included.

In 2013, we purchased a gourmet company located in the heart of Pennsylvania farm country and created Farmstead Gourmet to expand our line of delicious handmade cheeses, premium nuts, dried fruit assortments, traditional as well as unique candies, and sweet and savory accompaniments, all presented in artfully arranged gifts for every occasion.

One of our best selling categories is our luscious, giant California strawberries hand-dipped in real chocolate.  As lovers of chocolate, this became a natural direction for expansion. Recently, we purchased a small artisan confections company, which became CY Chocolates (Confectionately Yours). We sought out chocolate experts, who handcraft many of our chocolate offerings using real premium tempered chocolates. We now have a large chocolate kitchen and amazing staff who create our ever-expanding variety of decadent treats.

While Golden State Fruit has been offering gourmet foods from each of these brands, they otherwise only existed on separate web sites. The launch of “A Gift Inside” combines the collective vision and experience of all of our brands to bring an incredible variety and improved gourmet gift shopping experience to you, all in one easy-to-use website with one easy checkout. Now each brand is available as a “shop” within A Gift Inside.


Our fruit tab features Golden State Fruit gifts where we continue to offer our creamy, tender pears and other fresh fruit, hand-picked from our own and neighboring California orchards. We offer an abundant variety of just-fruit gifts and baskets as well as an expanded selection of fruit and gourmet gifts combining gourmet foods and chocolate accompaniments (many from our own kitchens) with our premium fruit. All fruit gifts are packed the day they ship for optimal freshness.

cy-logoOur Chocolate tab features CY Chocolates where we offer small batch, hand-dipped real chocolate covered strawberries and creations fashioned by our in-house artisans. We specialize in real milk, dark and white chocolate berries, gourmet chocolate barks, dipped pretzel and cookies, pecan turtles, amazing assortments and much more in beautifully presented gifts.

farmstead-gourmet-logoOur Gourmet tab features Farmstead Gourmet offerings of specialty cheeses crafted from small, sustainably-farmed dairies, deluxe nut assortments, hand-packed dried fruit gifts, and beautifully presented towers, tins, and baskets.

We’ve also expanded our corporate gifting program to offer all of the above as well as executive gifts for office sharing and client appreciation, all devoted to creating a memorable professional impression.

Whether you are saying “Thank you” or “Thinking of You,” or celebrating a birthday or holiday, A Gift Inside delivers the quality and care that our Golden State Fruit customers have come to expect and rely upon.  We invite you to explore our enhanced offerings at www.AGiftInside.com!



Bing Bing Bing! They’re on the Way!

Now Harvesting our 2015 Bing Cherry Crop

Here in Northern California, the cherry harvest has begun. In a few days, our Monthly Fruit Club customers will be receiving the first shipments of the biggest, crunchiest, and juiciest of our cherries, Bings, fresh from our own orchards. Due to weather conditions, this year’s harvest is one of the earliest on record.  However our cherries are huge and the flavor and quality is spectacular.

These deep red gems are handpicked from our orchards, packed with ice and specially insulated packaging, then delivered right to the doorstep of our customers.

Fruit clubs featuring our Bings and our Bing Cherry gifts have been a popular way to treat Dad on Fathers Day or to congratulate a favorite Graduate.

Click here to see our selection of Bing Cherry Gifts.

A beautiful day in our Northern California orchards.
A beautiful day in our Northern California orchards.


A beautiful Bing crop.
A beautiful Bing crop.


Ready to eat! Yum!
Ready to eat! Yum!


It’s Time to Shop for Business Gifts!

Corporate Gifts 2014

2014 Corporate CatalogThe 2014 Holiday Season is fast approaching and now is the time to plan for your corporate gifting. Golden State Fruit is ready to make giving easy and efficient, while delighting your recipients with memorable gifts. Our priority is to achieve your total satisfaction year after year. And it shows, with our long list of returning corporate customers who count on us to help them show their appreciation to their clients, employees and business associates.

Our corporate customers enjoy the benefits of:

  • Volume Discounts
  • Personalized card enclosures with your company logo
  • Custom printed ribbon
  • New! Custom printed sleeves on our nut and chocolate gift tins
  • Logo hot stamping available on all wooden crate gifts
  • Company provided gift enclosures
  • Complimentary gift consulting services – we help you every step of the way

(Minimum quantities required for some personalization options)

We keep your corporate account information is still on file and are able to provide returning customers with your previous recipient list and gift selections if needed to make the process easy.

At Golden State Fruit, we work with our customers to choose the right gifts to impress, ensuring beautiful presentations and timely deliveries. Our fresh fruit and gourmet gifts are hand packed the day they are shipped and sent throughout the U.S. by 2nd day air service for only $5.95 each. Free Shipping is available with our most popular gifts.

While some of our new line of corporate gifts are not yet available on the web (but will be soon!) they can be viewed in our printable PDF catalog launching our 2014 Corporate Gift Line, which includes many new and updated selections.

Download our Printable PDF 2014 Corporate Gifts Catalog

Show your recipients how much you value them with premium gourmet gifts featuring orchard-fresh fruit, artisanal cheeses, gourmet treats, exceptional dried fruit and nuts, California wines and new this year – hand made chocolates! Our gifts are packed in beautiful gift boxes, keepsake baskets, designer towers and charming wooden crates. We offer something special for every budget.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

To see more of our growing line of Corporate Gifts (with more being added daily), learn more about our program, or download our recipient address template, visit:



Presenting our new line of hand dipped chocolate and nut tins with customizable Sleeves with your logo and message! (Shown CY4220 - Currently available only in our Printable Corporate Catalog.
Presenting our new line of hand dipped chocolate and nut tins with customizable Sleeves with your logo and message!
(Shown CY4220 – Currently available only in our Printable Corporate Catalog.



California Bing Cherries

Bing! Bing! Bing!

Bing Cherries in Walnut Grove



Sound the alarms—the California cherry season is in full swing and we’re harvesting our beautiful Bing cherries.

It’s a frantic race to get our cherries off the tree and to our customers. We begin harvesting at about 5:30 AM in Walnut Grove, California (about 25 minutes from our Lodi headquarters). By about 7:30, the first load of sweet, luscious dark red Bings is on its way to our packing shed.

After the short ride to Lodi, we immediately begin cooling the cherries. Cooling the fruit shortly after harvest prolongs the life of the cherry and makes for a much better eating experience. There’s nothing tastier than a crisp chilled Bing cherry!

Once the fruit is cooled, we sort and size each cherry to perfection. Our sister company, Rivermaid Trading Co., has some of the most advanced optical cherry sorting equipment in the world (see photo on left). This revolutionary sorting technology uses a series of cameras that take 30 pictures of EACH cherry. The photographic data is analyzed, categorizing each cherry by its size, firmness, and color. Our Golden State Fruit customers receive only the largest, firmest, and the most richly colored cherries.

By around 3:00 PM, the cherry orders are safely tucked into insulated boxes with ice, and are ready to be shipped directly to our customers.

From the branch to the box in less than a day, hand picked fruit paired with our modern sorting technology guarantees our club customers the most fresh, best-of-crop experience. Only the very finest cherries win the race to your table!

Golden State Fruit Bing Cherry Gifts

See All of our Bing Cherry Gifts at Golden State Fruit

Our Business is Growing, Literally!

Chelan Cherry Orchard

Only about 10 miles from our Lodi facility is one of the largest California cherry growing regions: Linden, California. What Napa is to grapes, Linden is to cherries. California has approximately 40,000 acres of cherries and about half of those acres are located in the Linden/Lodi area. Linden offers nutrient rich soil, mild temperatures, and plenty of California sunshine with which to grow the perfect cherry. This region is home to many of our Golden State Fruit cherry orchards.

Cherry Tree

Just this March, we planted another 25 acres of cherries in Linden. The newly established 25 acres include only Chelan variety cherries. The Chelan cherry has dark red skin, is large in size and is very firm. These cherries harvest about two weeks before Bing Cherries, making Chelan cherries one of the best early harvest varieties around.

Our cherry trees are not far from bloom. This means our delicious cherries are only about 60 days away! Our fruit club members, as well as our Fruit & Cheese club members, can get excited for some colossal Bing cherries coming to you in early June. Stay tuned for more cherry orchard updates!