Dried Fruit Fields

We offer the best dried fruit under the sun- pun intended. In today’s post, read about my visit to the drying fields to see our pears!

We handle much of our dried fruit (including dried pears) from the tree, to the drying fields, and finally to the gift. Today I visited the drying fields where our pears have began the drying process.

The perfect dried pear begins with a quality fresh pear.  All Golden State Fruit pears are harvested with a high sugar level, large size, and vibrant green color. After harvest, the pears are washed and ripened for about 8 days.  At peak ripeness the pear is soft, bright yellow in color, and as sweet as can be.

The next phase is slicing. The pears pass through a machine that slices the pear right down the middle, creating two pear halves. The slicing machine also removes the core and seeds. From there, pears are placed on a tray facing up, and the drying process begins!


With ideal conditions, the pears are sun dried for up to 18 sun hours. This time-frame is subject to the angle of the sun, outside temperature, and humidity. Once the pear is fully dried (and passes the taste inspection) they are re-sorted and soon assembled into a dried fruit gift.

After all that, the result is a beautifully arranged dried fruit tray.


These are our dried pears – grown on our orchards – assembled, and shipped directly to the doorstep of a friend or loved one. This type of vertical integration allows us to provide our customers with the absolute best dried fruit. Prepear yourself for the Holidays, and click the link below to order a dried fruit gift for someone special in your life.

Visit Golden State Fruit for more Dried Fruit Gifts.

7 Responses to “Dried Fruit Fields”

  1. Jeanette Towne

    We’ve been sending Golden State Fruit baskets to our clients for several years…always fresh and a huge hit! Thank you GSF! 🙂

  2. Is it necessary to refrigerate any if the dried fruits after opening?

    • Chilito

      Hi Connie!
      Once opened, the dried fruit can be left at room temperature. It will hold for about 3 months at room temperature in a sealed bag.

    • Hi Anna, Our dried fruit does not have added sugar with the exception of Kiwi and decorative cherries used in some dried fruit designs.


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